Things that Go Bump in the Night?

Are you hearing noises in the “wee hours” when you’d rather be sound asleep? You may have put off calling for help because you aren’t sure if it is as simple as a tree limb brushing the house in the wind or a loose shingle or piece of siding. Critter Control excels at analyzing whether or not there is any wildlife activity in or on your structure. Our trained wildlife technicians will, from a ladder, inspect every foot of the roofline including gutter lines, gables, fascias, soffits, chimneys and dormers. They will inspect the foundation perimeter and any applicable interior area such as basements and attics. They are not just looking for animals. They are also looking for entry points, hair, feathers, feces, urine stains and nesting areas. We’ll find out if it is wildlife you are hearing and take care of it for you…. Call us at 610-385-4405 to schedule an appointment…  So you can get some sleep!