Skunk Problems: Skunk Damage & Prevention

Most skunk damage includes digging holes in lawns and raiding garbage cans, and related odors. At Critter Control, we often use skunk trapping methods when getting rid of skunks. It is important to keep the skunks safe during the skunk control process because lethal control causes additional skunk problems when they release their scent. Critter Control skunk removal can help to prevent skunks from building dens under your property. We have the necessary tools to seal off entry holes, including hardware-clothe and electric fences.

Getting Rid of Skunks: Skunk Control Methods

Critter Control skunk removal professionals use skunk trapping methods when helping get rid of skunks. Our professionals also recommend cleaning up areas of the property, like woodpiles and food sources, to help keep the skunks away through habitat modification and to help prevent future skunk problems and skunk damage. We are expertly trained in how to identify skunks, skunk handling and skunk trapping—please contact your local Critter Control office for assistance with your skunk control needs.

How to Identify Skunks: Habits & Behaviors

It is fairly easy to identify skunks. Skunks are considered omnivorous animals, meaning they will eat both animal and plant foods. You will usually only see or hear them at night. Skunks problems are most common in spring and summer as they typically breed at the end of winter and build their nests in burrows and crawl spaces. Skunks can spray between 10 and 15 feet, and are usually accurate. If you ever come close to a skunk, pay particular attention to their feet; skunks will give a pre-spray warning by stomping!

Skunk Problem—Odor Solution:

  • 1-quart of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 1/4 cup of Baking Soda
  • 1 teaspoon of Liquid Soap
  • Wash while it is bubbling...rinse off with tap water.

Apply the mixture directly to the sprayed surface. TEST the spray on a small area first. DO NOT store the mixture in plastic bottles.


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